Another 50 new portraits of leading scientists, now available in Wikimedia Commons

As part of an ongoing collaboration between Wikimedia UK and the Royal Society, there are now another 50 high quality portraits of leading scientists and engineers available in Wikimedia Commons, published under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Unlike many portraits of scientists that you can find on the web, these images can be:

  • Adapted — remixed, transformed, and built upon

Provided that:

  • Attribution — appropriate credit must be given, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.
  • ShareAlike — If remixed, transformed, or built upon the material, they must be distributed under the same license as the original.

These images add to a growing collection started in 2014, of over 200 images released by the Royal Society. Have a browse and take a look at the pictures (and their associated biographies) by clicking on the links above and below.

Thanks to John Byrne, Rachel Ford and Robert Rutter for their work in making this data available.

Portraits released this year include Chris Abell, Jas Pal Badyal, Steven Balbus, Polina Bayvel, Graham Bell, Martin Bridson, John P. Burrows, Katharine Cashman, Sarah Cleaveland, James Collier, Alastair Compston, Brian Cox, Jack Cuzick, William I. F. David, Christl Donnelly, Marcus du Sautoy, James S. Dunlop, Artur Ekert, Maria Fitzgerald, Antony Galione, Harry J. Gilbert, Patrick Gill, Anne Glover, Neil A. R. Gow, Ian A. Graham, Richard P. Harvey, Adrian Hayday, Ramanujan Hegde, David Hight, Sue Ion, Eugenia Kumacheva, Corinne Le Quéré, Mark A. Lemmon, David Lodge, Eleanor Maguire, Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan, Gilean McVean, Russell E. Morris, Luke A. J. O’Neill, Simon Peyton Jones, Jonathon Pines, James I. Prosser, Sriram Ramaswamy, Caroline Series, Ted Shepherd, Alison Mary Smith, David J. Wales, Philip J. Withers, Paul Workman, Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell, Robert Cava, Vint Cerf, Mark M. Davis, Jennifer Doudna, Gerd Faltings, John M. Hayes, Svante Pääbo, Pasko Rakic, Rino Rappuoli, Ellen D. Williams.