Fellows of the Royal Society: Now available in Wikidata

Thanks to Magnus Manske, as of 2015, all 8000 Fellows of the Royal Society have been imported into Wikidata.

The data needs tidying up, as it has been imported from a spreadsheet of data from the Royal Society. Thankfully, Mix-and-match can help. If you play in “Game mode”, you are presented with four options shown below:

  1. Set Q (e.g. confirm that a given entry already exists in wikidata)
  2. No wikidata entry (given entry does not yet exist)
  3. N/A (no applicable)
  4. Skip (leave this entry for now, show a new one)

Playing this game, allows users to quickly run through the data and match it with what’s already in wikidata (and wikipedia) or flag entries that do not yet exist. Thanks Magnus!

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